Gin Foon Mark Obituary

Gin Foon Mark passed away at age 91 on December 19th, 2018 in Roseville, Minnesota. He was the loving partner of Laura Kohlhase, and was preceded in death by his first wife Jean, second wife Juanita, and his brother Gin Hung Mark. He is survived by his sister Emily; his children Sandra, David, Paula, Eliot, and Len; his stepchildren, Rodney, Danny, Roxy, and Rita; and many grandchildren. He also leaves behind his beloved parrot Walley.

Gin Foon Mark had an eventful upbringing in a difficult period of Chinese history. He received a classical education in the temples, and fought in the Second Sino-Japanese War as a young man. Later, he moved to New York where he raised a family and established himself as a kung fu master; one of the first to teach outside of the Chinese community. He then moved to Minneapolis where he found culinary success with his restaurant, and earned continuous prestige for his martial skills and teachings. An excellent acupuncturist, he taught the healing art of Chi Kung, performed amazing lion dance drumming, wrote beautiful Chinese calligraphy, and gave life to his water color paintings.

Loved and revered by his those who knew him, Gin Foon Mark (aka Sifu) offered a vast source of knowledge, generosity, and wisdom to everyone. His students will fondly remember the countless times dining out together; how his storytelling and contagious laughter filled the room, and how he sometimes sneezed so loud that other patrons dropped their forks. Well into his 80’s he insisted he could still fight ten men. He was one of a kind.

He shared the secrets of the universe with anyone who wanted to learn them. We are all so grateful for the time we had together.

May his legacy live forever.

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